You can use any SIP standard hard phone and/or softphone for your extension, and access all features with simple DTMF digits (e.g. to set/unset call waiting, just dial *751/*750 and you’r in).

But if you want to get full system integration with more easier way; then ZendaSIP is here for you!

ZendaSIP is a free SIP standard softphone, designed from scratch specifically to work with Zenda Call Manager. It gives you access to all system features without need to dial any DTMF, or even need to know it! Just a simple link/button click do the job.

It gives you a level of integration that can’t be acheived with other hard/soft phones, e.g screen reflects your live state (ready, forward, call waiting, dial lock, and your voice mail).

it also has a very important and needed feature, Forced Auto Answer. When it’is applied by system admin for any extension; this extension is automatically answer the incoming call without ringing, and without any control for the extension to stop that.