Welcome to Zenda

You just need to follow these few steps in order to get the full up & running Zenda VoIP system

1. Download ISO

You need to get an installation media for the Zenda system. Follow these steps to get one: Download the Zenda iso image file from this link zenda iso image Burn the downloaded iso file to a CD or USB flash, or if you plan to use a virtual machine (instead of a physical server); you can use the iso file as it is.

2. Install zenda server

Now install the iso file, and create your Zenda server

3. Register your account

In order to complete the installation and make your server up & running; there are still a few steps (only 3) needed.

4. Fast configuration & operation

Now, you successfully installed your Zenda server, and completed after installation procedure, and your server become Up & Running; it’s time to start use your server and make some phone calls activities.

5. Free Zenda course

You can take this amazing FREE step by step complete training course to master Zenda system, and make your site shine