Queue Lists

Queue is a cornerstone in any Call Center Service. It assures that incoming calls are distributed fairly between agents, and in case of all agents are busy; the call is held for a specific duration waiting for an agent to be idle. During this waiting; caller hears a pre-selected queue media (which can be differenct for each […]

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an automated phone system with call routing capabilities. It allows customers to interact with a computer before being connected to a representative. This technology works in tandem with Automatic Call Distribution, typically found in a call center. With Zenda, you can construct a full IVR-TREE that reflects your organization services, with multi-levels options and menus, […]

Traditional PBX Features

Although it’s a completely VOIP System, Zenda provides most of features supplied by traditional PBX (e.g Panasonic, NEC, …) in a very handy and easy to use way. Some of those features are:

Call Recording

Want to check the quality of your agents, or need a trustable fair document for your customer’s calls, or even want to get an eye on your business? Zenda here to help! No matter the call is coming from customer, or initiated to him, or even an internal call between your agents; Zenda can easyly […]

Voice Mail

Not ready to answer the calls yourself? No problem! With unlimited mailboxes, Zenda Voice Mail service allow each agent/group to get voice messages from customers (or even from another agent) when they are not able to get the call directly (e.g. when they are busy, or out of work). You also can use this service to automatically directing […]

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

If you want your agents to dial customers from outside your organization (e.g. from agent’s home), but dot that throw your organization’s trunk lines so that customer see you buiseniss number on his phone (instead of agents home phone number); then Zenda DISA is your way to go! Zenda DISA not only display your business phone number to […]


You can use any SIP standard hard phone and/or softphone for your extension, and access all features with simple DTMF digits (e.g. to set/unset call waiting, just dial *751/*750 and you’r in). But if you want to get full system integration with more easier way; then ZendaSIP is here for you! ZendaSIP is a free SIP standard softphone, […]